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You know what is such a beautiful thing? People. In general. Everyone. People. Ah, I love them. All. Because they know things. They see things in a way I never have. They let me into their mind and let me explore and let me dig in the cavernous areas that they don’t let everyone into. It’s such a beautiful thing to be trusted and to trust and to love and to be loved. I am in awe of the world.
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blossomingbunny asked:

Reasons for living: star gazing, getting stuck in the sprinklers, Cadbury eggs, bunnies, soft plushies, best friends, flowers, sunsets, great books, making new friends, laughing, hummingbirds, new hair styles, concerts, future trip to Ireland, red pandas, seeing improvement in yourself, graduating, first kisses, finding shapes in the clouds, adventure time, icees, chocolate, late night conversations, healing, chocolate milk, Olive Garden, sushi, egg nog, your dogs excitement when you come home:)
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